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Verification of Properties

verification of property KF Investment provide Verification of properties.

Buying a House is an important decision of your Life. Most of us invest entire lifetime’s savings in buying a property and one mistake can cost a blunder in your life. You bought and have the right to live in your property but due to legitimate legal issue, you are finding it hard and composed yourself in nowhere land.

Here, We are here to rescue you, prevention is better than cure. Get your documents checked and verified by the Experts before purchasing the property.

KF Investments provide verification of property or verification of property documents. Property paper verification requires a detail attention with expertise to tag the property as legally verified property. Legal documents for buying a plot or property verification online are more or less are same in terms.

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Q. Which all documents should be verified  >>  The following documents should be verified : Sale Deed, Conveyance Deed, Gift Deed, Agreement to Sell, GPA / Power of Attorney, Will, Relinquishment Deed, Partition Deed, Freehold / Mutation details etc.

Q. Is it worth to get the documents checked/verified  >>  These days, the cost of properties is in lakhs and crores. Spending a few thousand for verification is a wise decision as it will ensure that you are investing such a huge amount in the right property. Compared to the commissions charged by real estate brokers, the expenses involved in title verification is almost negligible.

Q. Which kinds of frauds may be committed by a seller in a sale transaction  >>  Some instances of frauds are:

  • Fake / forged documents : The seller may try to sell the property on the basis of documents which are fake / fabricated. Verification of documents will help in avoiding such a transaction.
  • Registration of multiple deeds in respect of the same property : The seller may sell the property to one buyer and after the sale is complete, may try to sell the same property again to a new buyer. Getting the documents verified will prevent such a situation.
  • Property mortgaged with a Bank : The seller may have taken a loan against the property and may try to sell the property without paying back the outstanding loan amount

Q. How can I get the document verified  >> To get the property documents verified, call us at 9454819013 and provide us the copies of the documents that have to be checked / verified

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Documents for verification for below are different but has been category wise has been updated. Click any of these to access the details.