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SalaryPlus Package

salaryplus kfinvestmentsKF Investments is proudly collaborated a Revolutionary Package for Salaried Professionals.

“Make Your Salary SMART”

“Make Your Salary Earns For You”

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Check Inflation Calculator for more details. How Much Worth Your Salary is Loosing. Check Another Calculator

Your Rs 100000 in 1984 is now just as good as Rs 28341. Click here to know more about it on Business Standard. Dhirendra Kumar, CEO, Value Research on EconomicsTimes suggest it is only as good as Rs 7451

We all know Investment on Property is risk free as Property Prices are set to grow unlike Share Markets where risk is involved. For years, Property and gold are subject to risk free but gold is still safe heaven.

  • Its a Future cum Investment Package.
  • Employers need to come forward and select Properties under SalaryPlus.
  • These Properties are Interest Free EMI based (Employees do not need to pay full amount of the property.
  • These properties are mainly Integrated Township and takes time to become fully developed and hence are available at discounted rates. Those who are aware about New Jail Road & Nagram Road in Lucknow. Properties here are available at discounted rates. properties on Sultanpur Road was once available on discounted rates but today it is next to impossible to buy. Smart People invest on discounted rates. Warren’s one of basic rule of Smart Investing.
  • Employers Spend is Zero. We recommend Employers for doing a Property Verification. Toyata is already doing so.
  • Now Employee will have option to hold that property till the full payment is made and once payment is done, He/She can choose to resale it or get the possession as per his needs. An Employee can save on TAX which he deserve to get.
  • Employees will have Salary Hike in the form of Property Rates as this rates are growing. They have to pay just Interest Free EMI only.
  • Employers (HR) need to take a call and arrange a Meeting and rest we will handle.

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